Limited editions

Les éditions limitées

Hello everyone 👋

You may already know this, but if you're new here, let us tell you: we're active on TikTok and we love interacting with you! 🌟

🕯️ An exclusive insight into how our candles are made
Our lives offer you a window into our creative process. From manufacturing to stocking, we show you everything!

🗳️ Your opinion counts at BAKOUGIE
It is not a dream ! With live polls, you help us create our next masterpieces, from A to Z.

🎉 Monthly competitions
Our lives would not be complete without our competitions. This is our way of saying thank you for your continued support.

🌸 Limited edition: Cherry blossom
If you missed our last live, we unveiled a very limited edition candle, called "Cherry Blossom". It was a resounding success!

🔥 Promo code: WELCOME
Don't forget, use the code "WELCOME" to get 10% off storewide.

👉 Follow us on TikTok
If you love having exclusive access and contributing to our live creations, don't miss our upcoming lives on TikTok.

💔 Farewell, 'Cereza de Amor'
We have already sold all copies of this limited edition candle. Stay tuned for more special editions to come!

Tatiana and Lucien

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