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Bakolor Candle - Apple of Love

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🍎 BAKOLOR Fruity-Gourmet Candle - Apple of Love 190g

Discover a unique sensory experience thanks to this gourmet Apple of Love candle. As soon as you turn it on, it immediately begins to emit an irresistible scent. Indeed, this candle has been specially formulated to capture the essence of indulgence, thus offering a completely unforgettable olfactory adventure.

🍎 Pomme d'Amour Fragrance: Immerse yourself in a world of delights with this enchanting fragrance. As a result, the fragrance of Pomme d'Amour transports you to a deliciously sweet and irresistibly tempting world.

🎨 Olfactory pyramid: At the beginning, the top notes reveal a fascinating blend of strawberry and peach, introducing an exceptional olfactory experience. Then, the heart notes, composed of sweet apple and caramel, appear. This combination forms the true heart of this unique sensory experience. Finally, to top it all off, sweet and vanilla base notes prolong the pleasure.

🕯️ Safety instructions:

First of all, cut the wick to 1 cm before lighting it.

Additionally, place a plate underneath to capture every nuance of the fragrance.

Furthermore, avoid direct exposure to the sun to maintain the quality of your candle.

📏 Dimensions: The candle, measuring 6 cm in height and 8.5 cm in diameter, is ready to beautify your space.

🚚 Shipping: Opt for fast shipping in 2 to 4 business days to receive your order as quickly as possible.

⚠️Additional security measures:

  • First, keep the candle out of reach of children and pets.
  • Second, never leave her unattended.
  • Third, make sure it is away from any flammable objects.

🚨 Warnings: The product contains substances that may be irritating. So take the necessary precautions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Catherine Seclier

Très bien


Une bougie que je vais garder en décoration, j'ai trop de peine de l'allumer. Elle est magnifique et elle sent tellement bon 🥰

Kevin Tran

Une bougie avec une superbe odeur, même encore emballée dans son carton la sent déjà ! Un design vraiment parfait et à croquer ! Pas besoin de l’allumer pour sentir l’odeur 😍😍
Je vous recommande à 100% bravo à Lucien & Tatiana 🌸

Catherine Chaix

Superbe bougie à la vue! Et l'odeur une merveille. Elle décoré tout en sentant délicieusement. Une vraie pépite. Bravo à Tatiana et Lucien pour leur travail. Parfait.

Gisèle Labeste

Elle est superbe