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Goudy candle

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🧀 Cheese Shaped Scented Candle 🧀

For candle lovers, here is a little revolution. Not only is this candle shaped like a cheese, but it also offers an array of incredible scents.

⚠️ USE ⚠️

First of all, place a plate below the candle. In fact, this prevents overflows.

🍏 Varied Fragrances 🍏

  • Pomme d'Amour: Start with a fruity and caramel mixture. In the lead, you have strawberry and peach. Then, the heart reveals apple and caramel. Finally, the base consists of musk and vanilla.
  • Clémentine Monoï: First, a citrus and floral start with cyclamen orange. Then, the heart blossoms into monoi clementine. Finally, musk and vanilla bring sweetness.
  • Lemon Meringue: Initially, a citrus accord in mind. Subsequently, lemon and meringue take over. Ultimately, the vanilla rounds it all out.
  • Watermelon Melon: At first, notes of plum and freesia. Then the heart is dominated by watermelon and melon. In short, a gourmet pairing in the background.
  • Salted Butter Caramel: First, a salty and coconut accord opens the dance. Then, the caramel melts in your mouth. Finally, vanilla and a milky accord conclude the show.
  • Wild strawberries: First of all, a green and lemon accord. After that, the strawberry appears. To finish, a gourmet pairing.
  • Cotton Candy: First of all, the strawberry. Subsequently, the cotton candy is revealed. Ultimately, vanilla sugar.

📦 Purchase and Delivery 📦

Fondants are made to order. In addition, delivery takes place in 2 to 4 days, which is rather fast.

⚠️ Allergens and Precautions ⚠️

Please note, check the list of ingredients. Some may cause allergies

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