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Cotton candy scented candle - Corazoncito

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🕯️ Cotton Candy scented candle
First of all, enhance your interior with this artisanal cotton candy scented candle, made in France.

📦 Capacity : 130g of natural vegetable wax
In fact, it is made with high quality ecological vegetable wax, thus guaranteeing clean combustion.

🌸 Essence : Gourmet
In addition, its captivating scent creates a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

🍓 Initial notes : Juicy strawberry
From the outset, a fruity explosion awakens the senses as soon as the candle is lit.

🍭 Heart notes : Authentic cotton candy
Subsequently, the very essence of cotton candy evokes sweet childhood memories.

🍯 Final notes : Exquisite Vanilla Sugar
Ultimately, a sweet final note soothes the soul and softens the mood.

📏 Template : Height of 6 cm, diameter of 8.5 cm
Plus, its compact size is perfect for any living space.

🔥 Burning time : Between 15 and 20 hours of delicious aroma
Plus, enjoy a long burn time for this cotton candy scented candle.

🛡️ Safety guide for optimal use :

  • Additionally, here are some tips: ✂️ Trim the wick to 1 cm before lighting. 🪑 Install the candle on a stable surface, away from drafts. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Keep out of reach of children and animals. 👁️ Never leave your candle unattended. 🔥 Keep away from combustible elements.

🌡️ Note : Solidification of vegetable wax
However, this phenomenon can occur due to temperature fluctuations or solar exposure.

🚚 Express delivery guaranteed within 2-4 working days
In summary, order now and your cotton candy scented candle will be at your home in no time!

🚨 Risk warnings (CLP) :
Finally, be aware of the risks: ⚠️ Harmful if ingested. 😣 Causes severe eye irritation. 🐟 Toxic to aquatic fauna, with long-lasting harmful effects. 🔬 Contains: benzyl benzoate; VELTOL PLUS

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