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Monoi clementine candle - Summer breeze

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First of all, enhance your interior with this Clementine Monoï scented candle, a real invitation to well-being and relaxation.

📦 Generous capacity :
In fact, enjoy 160g of superior quality vegetable wax, specially formulated for clean and even combustion.

🌸 Unique Fragrance :
In addition, the combination of Citrus Floral and tropical notes creates an exotic and refreshing atmosphere.

🍊 Bright Head Notes :
First, orange and cyclamen offer a first impression that is both sparkling and invigorating.

🌺 Bewitching Heart Notes :
Then, the Clementine Monoï, which is the true signature of this scented candle, takes you to distant horizons.

🌰 Enveloping Background Notes :
Finally, musk and vanilla add unparalleled sweetness and depth to this olfactory experience.

📏 Compact but effective dimensions :
Furthermore, with dimensions of 6 cm in height and 8.5 cm in diameter, this candle fits perfectly into all types of spaces.

🔥 Exceptional longevity :
Additionally, the estimated burn time of 20-25 hours ensures you have a long-lasting scent experience. So, enjoy a cozy atmosphere for longer!

🛡️ Safe use :

For optimal use, adjust the wick to 1 cm, place the candle on a flat, stable surface, and be sure to put it out of reach of children and pets. Above all, never leave your candle unattended.

🌡️ Natural appearance :
Likewise, do not worry if you observe crystallization of the vegetable wax; this is a completely natural reaction.

🚚 Express Delivery :

  • Finally, expect to receive your Clémentine Monoï scented candle within 2 to 4 working days.

🚨 Hazard Statements (CLP) :
Warning: possible skin irritation, allergenic potential and aquatic harmfulness.

🚧 Cautionary Advice (CLP) :
Therefore, avoid direct inhalation of fumes and wash your hands thoroughly after handling the candle.

In short, this Clémentine Monoï scented candle is the ideal accessory to elevate each moment to a new level of relaxation and well-being.

Customer Reviews

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Christophe Binsse

Vous souhaitez voyager cette bougie est incroyable pour cette occasion son parfum vous ferai planer comme sur une île à tahiti

Isabelle Bresson
Une pépite

Je l'adore son parfum est incroyable , je vous la recommande les amis vous ne serais pas déçus 🥰🥰🥰🥰


Je ne sais plus quoi dire !!! C’est incroyable cette odeur je ne m’en lasse pas … la déco a comme un air de vacances !!!
2eme odeur en favoris

Une dinguerie !!

J'adore ! Une jolie bougie qui sent incroyablement bon !

Bartolo Marie-Jo
Très belle boutique !! Je recommande sans problème !!

Merci beaucoup pour cette belle commande car tout était parfait et la livraison rapide. Je le conseille à tous sans aucune hésitation, vraiment top des top .Bravo