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Rosita Candle

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🌹 Rose-Shaped Scented Candle: An Olfactory Journey 🌹

⚠️ Firstly, for Use ⚠️

To begin, it is crucial to place a plate under the candle. Indeed, she is literally overflowing with pleasure.

📦 Then, for Capacity 📦

This scented candle contains 65g of vegetable wax. Therefore, it is perfect for multiple occasions.

🍏 Then, the Fragrance: Apple of Love 🍏

  • First, the Top Notes: Strawberry, peach awaken the senses.
  • Then, the Heart Notes: Apple and caramel take over.
  • Finally, the Base Notes: Musk and vanilla conclude this olfactory bouquet.

🍊 After that, the Fragrance: Clémentine Monoï 🍊

  • Initially, the Top Notes: Orange and Cyclamen make a citrusy entry.
  • Subsequently, the Heart Notes: Clementine and monoi add a floral touch.
  • Ultimately, Base Notes: Musk and Vanilla bring a comforting sweetness.

🍋 Please note, the Fragrance: Lemon Meringue 🍋

  • First, the Top Notes: The citrus accord offers a tangy note.
  • Secondly, the Heart Notes: Lemon and meringue evoke gluttony.
  • Third, Base Notes: Vanilla finalizes the experience.

🍉 In addition, the Fragrance: Watermelon Melon 🍉

  • To start, the Top Notes: Plum and freesia are refreshing.
  • Then, the Heart Notes: Watermelon and melon intensify the scent.
  • Finally, the Base Notes: A gourmet accord crowns it all.

🍯 Also, the Fragrance: Salted butter caramel 🍯

  • First, the Top Notes: The salty accord and coconut pleasantly surprise.
  • Afterwards, the Heart Notes: Caramel embodies pure indulgence.
  • In conclusion, the Base Notes: Vanilla and milky accord finish gently.

🍓 In addition, the Fragrance: Wild strawberries 🍓

  • First of all, the Top Notes: Green accord and lemon invigorate.
  • Then, the Heart Notes: Strawberry brings sweetness.
  • In short, the Base Notes: A gourmet accord enhances the finish.

🍭 Finally, the Fragrance: Cotton Candy 🍭

  • First, the Top Notes: Strawberry establishes a sweet mood.
  • Secondly, the Heart Notes: Cotton candy evokes a funfair.
  • To conclude, the Base Notes: The vanilla sugar finishes in apotheosis.

🚚 Lately, for Shipping 🚚

In summary, the Rose-shaped scented candle is made to order. Therefore, it ships quickly, in just 2 - 4 business days.

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